CRESSON,PA。 - 安装在Winston-Salem,NC拉开序幕春季学期与服务的一个星期谢孝衍大学生课程开始前。 10骑警,配上两个MAC工作人员,与生境的全国大学生志愿挑战人类。一月12-18到2020年,安装谢孝衍学生建立了一个栖息地的家,翻新现有栖息的家园,做了美化。


Director of Mission & Ministry Brianna Baker, who led the effort, said, “These students are so dedicated to the Mercy mission of Mount Aloysius College. Not only did the group work hard to build houses, they built relationships and inner strength along the way. We are blessed to be given the opportunity to do trips like this which are so important to the development of a well-rounded student.”


Caption: Mount Aloysius students pause for a photo during their service in North Carolina. Pictured are (back, L-R) Harley Nelen of Dysart, Nathan Smith of Bradford, Becca Labar of Johnstown, Director of Mission & Ministry Brianna Baker, Nicole Petonic of Summerhill, Sara Ollinger of Hollidaysburg, Director of 校园事 Amy Kanich, Samuel Lauer of Nanty Glo, Noah Kanich of Nanty Glo, Pete Smerecky of McKeesport, (front) Jozie Seaman of Portage, and Maggie Carrara of Freeport.